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DZCW Electrical Cooking Pan

Model: DZCW Electrical Cooking Pan

Catalog: Fry Seed Machine & Cooker

Technical Parameters
Model  Capacity Power Weight Outline Dimension
DZCW100 100-150kg/hr 22.75kw  270kg 1450×820×1780mm3

Product Detail

Automatic temperature control roller Fried seed machine

This machine is small in size, compact structure, easy to cook and take out the materials and there are controllers of veering and backspin, thermo-regulator. They can be used to cook all kinds of plant oil seeds.
This kind of machine has many advantages: using the heating element to heat, fast to warming. It is barrel shaped with seal and works by rolling so that the heat is distributed evenly and heat loss is minimal, energy saving and environmental protection, process production.
The motor is equipped with forward, rewind controller and temperature regulator, it is convenient to cook and take out the materials. Cylinder and crushing plant using variable speed to fit drying requirement, and can be adapted to a variety of different materials such as rapeseed, sunflower, peanut, chestnut, sesame, etc.