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Double Roll Flaking Mill

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Model: Double Roll Flaking Mill

Catalog: Auxiliary Equipment

Technical Parameters
Roller size: diameter: 172mmlength: 280mm
Big v-belt wheel size:   diameter: 440mmwidth: 65mm
Ejecting roller size: diameter: 165mmwidth: 20mm
Power: 4kw
Motor rotational speed: 1440r/m
Motor pulley diameter: 120mm
Capacity: 200-300kg/h
Dimension: 604*500*860mm

Product Detail

This machine is consist of a set roller, it’s the essential equipment in oil fuel Pre-Processing for oil-pressing factories.It is suitable for processing sesame, rape-seed and other small particles of oil and the crushed peanuts, soybeans and other large granular fuel.At the same time the flaked oil fuel cell wall broken, for completely destroy the cellular structure, protein denaturation to create a good condition when steaming and frying,It benefits the oil extraction and improve the oil yield .